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Pump Sidechain/Gate FX

  • • Supereasy sidechain effect
  • • Creative Gate FX
  • • Drag, Drop, Done!

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The fastest way to get your track pumping or to add some subtle ducking. Can also be used as a rhythmical gate on your pads, strings or leads.

Pump is made specifically for getting the sidechain effect used in much of todays music. Our intention was to make this process as simple and straight forward as possible, but still add a bit of flexibility.

Product details

  • 64 pre-calculated envelope shapes. 32 intended for sidechaining and 32 for rhythmical gates.

  • Add tension or slide to adjust the shape to fit your needs.

  • Change the floor level to get anything from very subtle ducking to extreme pumping. Or turn it around to invert the shape and use the ducking curve as a gate instead.

  • Send Mode, so one instance can be used by several channels.

  • Sync it to transport or trigger it by note on, note gate or gate CV in. Not every track is using a straight 4/4 beat.

  • The CV out can be connected to external rack devices to modulate other effects. Like filters, panning, fx sends etc.

Update v1.1

  • Wrap mode added to Slide
  • Note lane automatically added when you create a track for Pump.
  • Smooth and Slide automation is now working in continuous mode. Old stepped mode still there for backwards compatibility.
  • Mix knob now works properly in Send Mode
  • Dry signal is not sent through anymore in Send Mode when Pump is bypassed, which caused a volume boost.



Released: 2016-12-21
Version: 1.1.0