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BeatChop Realtime Slicer

Slice Audio Realtime


  • • Realtime Beat Slicing & Rearranging
  • • Slices & Modifiers triggered by MIDI
  • • Env, Pitch, Start, Length & Loop controls.

Audio examples

BeatChop Realtime Slicer from Quadelectra, is a new creative FX category on its own! Just set its buffer length and resolution, and BeatChop will cycle-record the incoming audio you feed it, slice it in real time, and map it to your MIDI keyboard, as if it was a sliced loop!

Simple beat repeats? Stutter effects and tape stops? Glitches and scratches or even audio arpeggiation? BeatChop has you covered, and gives you in-depth control to maneuver your audio! All in real time! No sampling, editing or slicing necessary!

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible