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ST Imager

Creative Stereo Imager


  • • Multiband workflow
  • • Stereoizing
  • • EQ, bandsplitter

ST Imager is a simple but powerful device. As the name suggests, ST Imager is a stereo imager, but could be more, the device can be used in various ways:

  • Stereo Imager (adjusting widths and pans by frequency bands)
  • Stereoizer (makes stereo signal from mono signal by introducing small delay for a side)
  • Equalizer (adjusting levels by frequency bands)
  • Band Splitter (when utilized the band outputs)
  • Left-Right/Mid-Side converter (when utilized the mid-side outputs)
  • A creative effect (by modulating any or all parameters)
  • All possible combinations of options above
Mac OS compatible Windows compatible