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RiVerb Studios Snd Stages Symphony Halls

Convolution Reverb

Numerical Sound

  • • Stunning Reverb with sonic character
  • • 36 Spaces from recital to symphony hall
  • • Full frequency response - transparent

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Numerical Sound RiVerb: Studios, Soundstages & Symphony Halls brings world-class medium to medium large spaces to the Rack Extension shop. The 36 spaces range from medium size studios, film scoring stages, soundstages up to symphony halls. These spaces feature rich detail that algorithmic reverbs can't emulate. The Etched Early Reflections, Spectral Weighting and True Ambience content give each reverb a unique sound.

Product details

Users who have purchased RiVerb:Studios,SoundStages & Symphony Halls can receive periodic free combinator patches and application information by registering at

RiVerb:Studios, Soundstages & Symphony Halls (RSSSH) is the second of Numerical Sound's reverb collections. Dedicated medium to medium large venues. This series in unique in that its reverb options offer the characteristics of "real" detail and sonic impact.

It all begins with impulses from some of the most acoustically pleasing spaces in the world, from medium size recording studios on to soundstage, scoring stage, large theatres and up to symphony halls. Then it goes further by custom-tuning those sounds to reduce noise floor and enhance detail and transparency.

The collection is further augmented by additional custom impulses that use spectral weighting techniques to either really bring out the body and weight of the sound or add sparkle and shine to the top-end of the mix. As a side-benefit, the impulses using spectral weighting also make the space sound either more modern or vintage depending on the one you choose. This gives the collection incredible variety and usability.

The audiophile design is fine-tuned by one of the most experienced convolution engineers in the industry, Ernest Cholakis, whose decades of experience with the technology includes everything from the first commercially available sample library using convolution technology, to some of the most highly regarded professional impulse response libraries, (used in several Hollywood films and award-winning albums), to the first instrument libraries featuring timbral impulses and impulses used in Alicia Key's Native Instruments library "Alicia's Keys".

RSSSH simplifies the process of setting up your reverb by choosing optimized combinations of early reflections, tail and (in some cases) timbral weighting instead of a more complicated mix-and-math approach of algorithmic reverb units.

36 Reverb Impulses from Real Venues: From medium size recording studios, various film scoring stages, and symphony halls.

Audiophile Design: Supports 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 and 192 KHz sample rates, with accurate detail, ultra-low noise floor and utmost transparency.

Timbral Weighting: Several impulses augment the space's sound using spectral weighting on the low end or top end to enhance and change the overall sonic character of a track.

High Density Impulse Tails: Rich, complex sound without repetition or flutter.

Easy to Use Controls: Impulse List, Stereo Width, Gain, Pan and Dry/Wet controls make it easy to mix and shape the sounds.

High Impact "Etched" Early Reflections: RSSSH has some of the most clearly defined and articulated early reflections of any reverb product, making it perfect for rhythmic material and other sounds with strong attacks.

True Ambience: Unlike many competing algorithmic and convolution reverb products, RSSSH renders a fully differentiated wet sound, giving it a wider sense of space. In many other products the sound is less expansive and varied because too much of the direct signal ends up in the "wet" sound.



Released: 2015-05-22
Version: 1.0.1