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RiVerb Up-Front Spaces

Convolution Reverb

Numerical Sound

  • • 36 spaces from small room to recital hall
  • • Ideal for drums/percussion
  • • Brings out character in a track or instrument

Audio examples

Numerical Sound RiVerb: Up-Front Spaces brings world-class reverb to Rack Extension shop. It is both the first convolution reverb Rack Extension and one of the first reverbs anywhere dedicated to the up-front impact of real small venues. The 36 spaces range from the sound of small professional studios to recital halls and the more intimate scoring stages. The spaces feature rich detail that algorithmic reverbs can’t emulate. The Etched Early Reflections, Spectral Weighting and True Ambience content give it a sound unlike any other convolution reverb.

Go to SoundCloud website to see marker points where active reverb patch name is specified.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible