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Chord player


  • • Creative chord player tool
  • • 7 different scale and chord setup at once
  • • Emulate strumming with lags
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ScaleMatrix is a player Rack Extension where you can define and easily recall up to seven separate scale and chord configurations with timing and velocity options for creative composing or as a very useful performance tool. This devices interface encourages user created scales for very quick creative flow, but also comes with an extended version of the TonicMint scale library and plenty of patches, some simple, some advanced so we think the ScaleMatrix is a helpful addition to the Reason Rack whether you need to get ideas out fast or want to take a thoughtful slow road.

Product details

Define seven different scale and chord setup, and switch between at anytime. Velocity, lag and probability settings help you to create vibrant and rolling chord progression. With monitoring feature, you’ll see always, what is the result of the chord generation.

The many rows and columns at first glance can be daunting, but it is easier than you think. One row represents a scale and chord setup. The used row is always highlighted. You can change the selected setup by radio buttons, or the knob on the bottom right corner.


Scale part

  • Scale root
  • Scale or setup name
  • Dropdown button for the quick scale setup
  • 12 buttons for defining the scale notes

Chord part

  • Additional chord root notes (-2,-1,+1,+2 octaves from the played chord root note)
  • 15 buttons for defining the chord notes
  • Inversion
  • And finally dropdown button for additional editing features, clear, copy, randomize, etc…

In the bottom part of the screen, you will see the MIDI monitor, with velocity sensitive colors. With the Curves button the huge amount of ability opens.

Edit parameters for the selected chord setup by notes:

  • Velocity modification
  • Velocity variation
  • Lag
  • Lag variation
  • Probability

For increase the dynamism of the play, you can find two more knob for lag settings in the right bottom side of the device. Lag range and reduce lag by velocity knobs can be found here.

Finally, you can transpose the generated output by two more knobs (octaves and semitones)

ChordLine supports 4 kind of performance mode.

  • Normal - like in Reason’s Scales & Chords
  • Shifted - similar, but the current scale root shifted to the C
  • White keys - use only white keys for playing the chords (use this, if the scale has 7 or less notes)
  • Black keys - use only black keys for playing the chords (use this, if the scale has 5 or less notes)

In the back side, you can set the used scale library also.

  • Common scales: the dropdown list of the scales contains only the scales which included in the Scales & Chords
  • Big Scale Library: the dropdown list of the scales contains the big scale library, which is included in ChordLine or some Tonicmint device patches.
  • Big Scale Library with special and exotic scales: the previous, plus many other special and exotic scales. Warning: this scales could contain notes which are not playable in any context or not compatible with the equal temperament, but provides a good starting points for experiments and exploration!



Released: 2019-10-17
Version: 1.0.0