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Spring FX3180 Reverb

FX3180 Spring Reverb

Ekssperimental Sounds

  • • Accurate Emulation
  • • Dual Channel
  • • CV Control

Audio examples

FX3180 Spring Reverb

The FX3180 is a compact stereo reverberation unit designed for the Reason Rack. The benefit of a stereo device is that a much more natural reverb sound can be produced with a good spatial image. It can also be used as a two-in-one reverberation effect as a dual mono channel device.

The original unit uses a springline mechanism and also employs a 24mS pre-delay circuit, based on bucket brigade devices, to recreate the delay heard between the perception of the source (original) signal and the first echo repeat; the end result being a far more realistic reverberation effect than is usually obtained from other spring-based devices. Past To Future Reverbs has carefully captured the spirit of this vintage unit with convolution technology.

The level of input, dry and wet signals can be modulated with CV on both channels, as well as the master mix and level signals.

An old school spring unit, perfect for dub, reggae and other soulful styles!

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible