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Twenty-Six Multi-Band BlueFace EQ

26 Band Equalizer


  • • 26 bands equalizer with flexible Bandwidth control
  • • BELL / SHELF mode for Low/High band, Shape Contour
  • • Legend

At the end of the 70s, there was one fx company leading the way when it came to innovations in digital sound technology.
Recording studios and audio engineers at the time were seeking higher fidelity and seriously high-tech looks when MXR™ introduced to the world of rack effects with their Thirty-One™ and Dual Fifteen band™ EQs.
Twenty-Six multi-band EQ RE, is inspired by these two “blueface” series equalizers.
Twenty-Six multi-band EQ includes 26 frequency bands at 1-octave spacing by default.

26 band EQ can be used to pull back problem frequencies or to push narrow frequency bands.
26-band graphic EQ can be helpful when you need to accentuate a very specific frequency band. It can also be used as both a surgical tool or as a very subtle tone shaper. When used to pull out frequncies for making space in the mix, it can be as subtle as you like. The choice is yours.

As a new player in the 70s pro audio industry, MXR™ went back to their guitar pedal roots and came up with a design of rackmount gear, that was fresh, memorable and very colourful.
These racks, with their unique sonic character and American design aesthetic became an immediate hit and came to be known as the “BlueFace” pro audio rackmount series.

In the creation of Twenty-Six multiband EQ, we have added a Bandwidth control (which works in range 0.33 … 3 oct), a stereo Input/Output and Special Low/ High band modes.
The lowest and highest bands work in BELL mode by default. Selecting “Shelf” mode provides additional control band contours from Baxandall (0% contour value) to Notch (> 50% contour value) in the 50Hz and 16kHz bands.

Turn2on Twenty-Six multi-band EQ Rack Extension is a modern take on the “BlueFace” EQs. It retains the basic functionality and character of the original modules with the addition of some new features.

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