EDM Bundle

3 ReFills for EDM

Sounds And Effects

  • • Glitches and Zaps
  • • EDM Textures for Europa Vol 1
  • • Brain Salad for Objekt

Audio examples

The Sounds And Effects EDM Bundle incudes samples, presets, and wavetables intended for any genre of electronic music producers at a very special price. It contains 407 megs/ 310 samples, 100 NNXT Presets and Combinators, 199 Presets 43 Wavetables for Europa, and 196 Presets for Objekt.

Included in this bundle

  • Brain Salad
    New Sounds for Objekt
    Requires Objekt Rack Extension or Reason+ To understand what is different and exciting about these Brain Salad presets you have to understand what is so unique about the Objekt synthesis...

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  • EDM Textures For Europa v.1
    Presets and Wavetables
    Sounds And Effects EDM Textures For Europa V.1 brings new presets and wavetables to Europa.

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  • Glitches & Zaps
    Electronic Elements
    ‘Glitches & Zaps’ provides you with an assortment of samples designed to accent almost any style of modern Electronic music, from Hip Hop through to Alt-Rock and beyond. Many...

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