RX Bundle

Classic 12-bit combo


  • • Legendary 90's classics
  • • Faithful audio modeling
  • • Go-to beatmaking tools

Ask any beatmaker, and they will tell you these two machines are unparalleled. The SP-1200 and the S950 have defined the music industry and continue to inspire musicians today. Our RX Bundle gives you the power to recreate the iconic sound of the golden era and takes your music to the next level.

Crafting your beats and musical arrangements is easy with our RX1200 12-bit Sampler Instrument and its inspiring controls, ample sample slots, and gritty lo-fi sound. Additionally, the RX950 Classic AD/DA Converter effect plug-in helps you enhance the sound by adding more depth and crunchiness with its insane makeup gain, infamous filter, and delightful soft saturation.

Included in this bundle

  • RX1200 12-bit Sampler Instrument
    Classic 12-bit sampler
    The sound of a true legend Introducing the RX1200, our 12‑bit sampler instrument based on the SP‑1200, a landmark sampler designed by Dave Rossum and released by E‑mu Systems in 1987. With its...

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  • RX950 Classic AD/DA Converter
    Legendary 12-bit sound
    Experience the sound color and character of a legendary 12-bit sampler in a real-time effect unit, with the ease and flexibility of a Rack Extension.

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