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All The Drums Bundle

Ultimate Drum Bundle


  • • Inspiring collection of drum sounds and more
  • • 5168 samples including 840 kicks, 993 snares
  • • 106 multisampled drum kits + bass & synth patches

Audio examples

The ultimate drums bundle for Reason beat-makers. Includes the Modl Drums FM ReFill, Brutal Impact Analog Drums ReFill, and Sounds Like Drums ReFill, providing you with a whole world of inspiration for your drum tracks.

Included in this bundle

  • Brutal Impact Analog Drums
    Pure Analog Punch
    Deepest Kicks, Snappiest Snares, Sparkliest Hats & So Much More Created with 2,441 original samples from the amazing Arturia Drumbrute Impact analog drum machine Deep, meticulous...

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  • Modl Drums FM
    Deep Fat Drums & More
    The Modl Drums FM ReFill Takes Punchy Drums to a Whole New Level We’ve scrupulously recorded 1,930 24bit original samples from the Elektron Model:Cycles to bring a uniquely fresh set of drum kits...

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  • Sounds Like Drums
    Bringing Drums to Life
    Bring your drums to life with the ultimate drums ReFill 50 dynamic drum kits - each one a carefully crafted Combinator built on the Kong Drum Designer. 797 original samples covering everything...

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