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Brutal Impact Analog Drums

Pure Analog Punch


  • • Drumbrute Impact in your Reason Rack!
  • • 25 Kong Drum Kits
  • • 2,441 24bit Real Analog Drum Samples

Deepest kicks, snappiest snares, sparkliest hats & so much more

Created with 2,441 original samples from the amazing Drumbrute Impact analog drum machine

Deep multisampling has captured all the subtle variations and nuances of real analog drums. Virtually every possible knob configuration has been captured and meticulously crafted into 25 Kong Drum kits. In addition to totally clean samples, we’ve captured the delicious crunch of Drumbrute’s distortion knob as well as pre-processing via vintage effects for some truly unique flavours. Say hello to your new go-to analog drums ReFill.

(audio demos coming soon)