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12 Moods of Grandma

Warm Creamy Analog Joy


  • • Grandmother Semi Modular Synth In Your Reason Rack
  • • Real Analog Bass, Pads, Leads
  • • 12 Multi-Sampled Combinator Patches (998 Samples)

Audio examples

12 Beautifully Warm, Fat and Creamy Multi-Sampled Instruments - feel the love of Grandmother in your Reason Rack

Created with 998 original samples from the Moog Grandmother Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer

Firstly I apologise for there just being 12 patches! The original plan had been to produce a huge ReFill capturing hundreds of sounds but I simply didn’t have enough time or patience to see this through. So… it’s just these 12 sounds but i’d like to think of it as a ‘best of Grandmother’ - the essentials are there - deep warm basses - lush creamy pads - and leads that only a synth this amazing could produce. The upside of it not being a huge library that took years to produce is that it’s on sale here for a super low ‘pull-the-trigger’ price!

You get 12 really useable, carefully crafted patches that let you really experience the beauty of this synth in your Reason Rack. The Combinators feature some great FX, filtering & dynamics options but of course you’re free to bypass all that and just enjoy the pure sound of Grandmother. And don’t forget you can also use the samples & patches as the starting point for your own beautiful creations.

All audio demos were made using only the 12 Moods of Grandmother ReFill (light compression & limiting have been applied to the master bus)