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Voltage Boutique

Multisampled SE-02


  • • Roland SE-02 Synth in Your Reason Rack
  • • 17,773 24bit Samples
  • • 228 Beautiful, Multisampled Analog Patches

Audio examples

Experience the power and dynamics of the Roland SE-02 Boutique Analog Synth in your Reason Rack

Click Here to Download FREE DEMO ReFill - contains 3 full Combinator patches

  • Imagine having an SE-02 with UNLIMITED POLY!

  • Deeply, generously and painstakingly multisampled with dynamic layers

  • Carefully crafted NN-XT sampler-based Combinators provide an authentic analog experience - each one an expressive, dynamic instrument complete with tweakable effects

  • Patches feature incremental filter adjustments and other SE-02 parameter adjustments - a typical example would be a strings patch where higher velocities trigger layers with an increasingly opened filter or a resonant bass patch where higher velocities sound more beastly thanks to the SE-02’s feedback knob

  • 5.6gb of 24bit samples in total (ReFill format compresses the file size to 3.5gb)

  • Created using custom programmed SE-02 patches to really give you everything this synth has to offer

  • Fully multisampled and looped raw SE-02 waveforms included - sawtooth, sharktooth, triangle etc. - a great starting point for creating your own analog synth patches

  • 17,773 samples, 228 patches - these are some super detailed patches! (NOTE: ReFill is 100% playable multi-sampled instruments, not loops or sequences)

Audio demos created using only the Voltage Boutique Refill with gentle limiting on the master output.