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Noise Engineering's Bundle 2

Sound-design bundle

Noise Engineering

  • • Complex oscillator with unique algorithms
  • • Shapeshifting saw-based synth
  • • Experimental multitap delay

Audio examples

Noise Engineering’s Bundle 2 includes two of our popular Eurorack synths, Loquelic Vereor and Manis, and our experimental multitap delay, Imitor. Each uses the synthesis from the modules to create Rack Extensions that are versatile and unlike anything in your rack.

Included in this bundle

  • Imitor
    Experimental Delay
    SALE $25.00 $49.00
    Imitor is a delay designed for customization and experimentation. Multitap delays can be intimidating, so we designed Imitor with powerful user-friendly controls and tap displays that are fun to...

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  • Loquelic Vereor
    Complex oscillator
    SALE $25.00 $49.00
    Loquelic Vereor is built around our interpretations of three classic synthesis algorithms (VOSIM, phase modulation, summation synthesis). Like the Loquelic Iteritas Eurorack module it’s based on,...

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  • Manis
    Sawwave synthesizer
    SALE $25.00 $49.00
    Manis is built on the concepts of additive, subtractive, and FM synthesis and uses saw waves to realize its unparalleled sound. It can go from gritty and dark to smooth and beautiful with the...

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