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Loquelic Vereor

Complex oscillator

Noise Engineering

  • • Rack Extension
  • • Dual pitch control
  • • Outrageous sound-design possibilities

Audio examples

Loquelic Vereor is built around our interpretations of three classic synthesis algorithms (VOSIM, phase modulation, summation synthesis). Like the Loquelic Iteritas Eurorack module it’s based on, this Swiss army knife of a synth is capable of a range of sounds that are sure to cut through a mix.

Loquelic Vereor is a complex oscillator, which, while uncommon in the software world, opens up incredible sound-design possibilities. Its two oscillators modulate each other for sounds you have never thought possible in software. From outrageous, chaotic sounds to wild drum sounds to drones, basslines, and leads, with Loquelic Vereor, you can have it all.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible