Kuassa Efektor Gainia Preamp Bundle

3 Preamp Pedals


  • • Efektor Gainia HB Preamp
  • • Efektor Gainia TD Preamp
  • • Efektor Gainia XT Preamp

A bundle of Efektor Gainia HB, TD and XT at a reduced price – the next generation of digital preamp pedals. Unlock the legendary tones of three iconic classics with Kuassa’s renowned 3rd generation tube modeling

Whether you’re seeking the tonal enhancement capabilities of the HB, the vintage tube-like tones of the TD, or the high-gain aggression of the XT, the Efektor Gainia series delivers an exceptional playing experience. These digital recreations offer convenience, affordability, and the ability to explore iconic tones that were once limited to rare and expensive hardware.

The Efektor Gainia HB, TD and XT pedals are the result of Kuassa’s 3rd generation tube modeling technology, which accurately reproduces the response, dynamics, and tonal characteristics of their analog counterparts found in their 3rd Gen Amplifikation Guitar Amps. With unparalleled versatility, these pedals cater to a wide range of musical genres and playing styles.

Included in this bundle

  • Efektor Gainia HB Preamp
    Dual hot preamp box
    Adds layers of depth and character to your sound that make it truly sing.

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  • Efektor Gainia TD Preamp
    Tube driven preamp
    Thick and crunchy tube driven preamp

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  • Efektor Gainia XT Preamp
    Mid to highgain preamp
    Versatile mid to high gain preamp with boost and edge control. Push the distortion even further, adding extra intensity to the tone with Boost and Edge.

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