Kuassa Efektor Modulation Bundle

Modulation for all


  • • Three models of modulation in every unit
  • • A/B compare buttons
  • • BPM Sync

Following the footsteps of our Efektor Distortion Bundle, Efektor
Modulation Bundle
faithfully recreated after 20 models of fabled
modulation effects from the 1950s to the last decade we’ve researched, and
picked only the best of all.

Included in this bundle

  • Efektor CH3604 Chorus
    Chorus FX Engine
    From Classic to Vast Spectrum Chorusing Effect

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  • Efektor FL3606 Flanger
    Flanger FX Engine
    New 1.0.3 Update (October 28th 2019) Howling, Swirly, and Flanging Tone

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  • Efektor PH3605 Phaser
    Phaser FX Engine
    New 1.0.2 Update (July 5th 2019) The Phase Shifter from the Outer Space

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  • Efektor TR3604 Tremolo
    Tremolo FX Engine
    New 1.0.2 Update (July 5th 2019) Classic Tremolo Modulation with More Waveforms

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