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Aesthetic Flow

Combinator Patches

SKP Sound Design

  • • 207 Combinator Patches
  • • 25 Waveforms for Grain
  • • Strong & Emotive Atmosphere

With a plethora of zen-infused ambience patches, deep-evolving atmospheric pads and sun-soaked leads full of nostalgic sentiment. Aesthetic Flow​ embodies your thoughts and will stimulate pure creative flow leaving you in a state of bliss.

Drawing inspiration from the works of ​David Lynch​ and music from Angelo Badalamenti. ​Aesthetic Flow ​aims to provide a library of weird and wonderful patches that invoke a strong and emotive sense of flow that you simply cannot ignore.

The ​Aesthetic Flow​ ReFill contains more than 200 meticulously crafted Combinator patches that make use of all the Reason 10 stock devices. From older classics like Subtractor and Malstrom right through to the fresh new sounds of Grain and Europa, you are sure to find ensembles that will spark your creative flow. The Combinators also include creative use of Reason 10’s optional content devices such as Radical Piano, Humana, Pangea and Klang.