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‘Amber - Ambient Loops’ from ModeAudio presents you with a flickering, shimmering set of spectral drones and ethereal synth loops, contrasted with dense layers of submerged bass and murky, pulsating drum machine patterns.

Like cautious rays of golden light that cascade through tall trees only to be engulfed by the gloom of the forest floor, this alluring, 1GB selection contains rich streams of hypnotic synth melody, harmony and texture, which drift above dark, powerful percussive waves.

Wade deep into the collection of discover 154 evolving, tempo-synched music loops spanning shadowy, rumbling sub bass drones, fluttering synth chords, tumbling synth leads and sparking, kinetic granular textures, with everything flowing deftly above a backdrop of crackling analog noise and SFX.

Accompanying all the soaring synth work is a choice 28 drum loops and 14 energetic percussion parts, thumping away with hushed intensity like the distant echo of a rave in an industrial space reclaimed by thick grass and looming trees.

With each of the melodic loops unfurling over 32 seconds, this release packs in a huge selection of sensitive, enveloping sound design for your next soundtrack project or Downtempo production, taking in a startling diversity of texture and tone along the way.

Lose yourself in the serene mystery of the forest - set off today and download ‘Amber - Ambient Loops’!