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‘Artifact - SFX & Texture Loops’ from ModeAudio comprises a dense, 356MB palette of iridescent Ambient sound, unravelling layers of dark, heavy bass, shimmering drones and delicate sonic swells across your music productions.

Collecting 120 richly detailed, evolving samples into one royalty-free selection, the set ranges in total colour from warm, soulful orchestral harmony to stark, eerie and abstract sound design.

From the rustle of processed, elemental field recordings and glimmer of spectral synthesis, to the pulse of sweeping noise and SFX textures, we’ve carefully crafted this library to add veils of mystery and ear-catching complexity to your music.

With samples running from 11 to 24 seconds in length, there’s an enticing depth and scope to the sounds that will slide slide seamlessly into any Ambient, Cinematic or Downtempo DAW session you care to try them in.

Use this pack as your very own treasure chest of glistening sonic gems and hypnotic auditory potions, destined to take your listeners on a journey deep into the sonic ether.

Labyrinthine caverns of ragged, rumbling bass and glinting, prismatic treble lie in wait - pick up ‘Artifact - SFX & Texture Loops’ today and explore for yourself!