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'Cartography - Trip Hop Loops' smuggles its way out of the ModeAudio studio, a top-secret audio experiment littered with strange, enigmatic sounds and symbols. Loaded with 692MB of royalty-free samples, this collection will take you on a transformative voyage from the dark heart of a forbidden forest to the misty peak of a forgotten mountain range and back!

Unpack this mysterious set of 199 music loops, 144 drum samples and 110 MIDI files and you'll discover a hoard of heavyweight Downtempo drum patterns and cavernous bass riffs sitting alongside oceans of foggy pad chords, a constellation of airy synth leads, streams of fraying noise textures and far beyond.

This is a library that goes all in on its fusion of smoked-out Hip-Hop rhythms and bleary, nostalgic analog synth riffs, throwing up an epic choice of 564 audio files for the construction of mesmeric, thumping beats within your DAW, straight after download.

Calling upon our array of analog synths, drum machines and far-ranging field recordings, this entire selection of cryptic audio loops and pounding drum samples is soaked in the gritty warmth and dusty character of vintage hardware.

With 110 MIDI files and 79 synth tail samples completing the pack, this release offers up an entire complement of beatmaking tools to get your next slice of sonic nostalgia off the ground in a heartbeat.

Follow ancient trails through murky undergrowth to discover a stunning and mysterious new musical landscape - download 'Cartography - Trip Hop Loops' today and let it be your guide!

Product details

  • 30 Bass Synth & Bass Guitar Loops
  • 20 Full Drum Loops
  • 54 Stemmed Drum & Percussion Loops
  • 14 Electric Guitar Loops
  • 14 Vinyl Crackle & Noise Texture Loops
  • 31 Pad Loops
  • 36 Synth Loops (Leads, Chords & Riffs)
  • 30 Kick Samples
  • 25 Snare Samples
  • 36 Hi Hat Samples (Open & Closed)
  • 53 Percussion & Cymbal Samples (Toms, Shakers & Found Sounds)
  • 199 Music Loops (80 - 108 Bpm)
  • 144 Drum Samples
  • 110 MIDI Loops
  • 5 Kong Kits
  • 27 Dr. Octo REX Patches
  • 79 Synth Tail Samples

564 Files In Total
692MB (unzipped)


Released: 2020-02-06
Version: 1.0.0