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Cold Fusion

Biting Synth Sounds

Sounds And Effects

  • • Presets Samples Wavetables ARPS and Combis
  • • Analog and Digital
  • • Arp and Movement

Audio examples

ReFill Format - Requires Reason+ or Reason 12

Sounds And Effects’ Cold Fusion is intended to bite through a mix in any modern music production. It uses the Reason Combinator 2.0 to combine sampling via NNXT and wavetables via Europa to create dynamic new sounds where various changes to the sounds come about via velocity or mod wheel, as a Europa wavetable based preset may use velocity envelopes, or filters etc, to fade to an NNXT preset, or the other way around. It offers endless and easy experimentation for the user by loading the NNXT or Europa presets up as pairs in the Combinator, and by loading any of the samples into the Europa User Waveform slot.