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Downtempo Loops


  • • 140 WAV Loops
  • • 80 WAV Drum Samples
  • • 62 Synth Tail Samples

Audio examples

‘Cosmology - Downtempo Loops & Samples’ from ModeAudio will ripple and quake through your DAW with heavy-duty low-end, slo-mo groove and throbbing, experimental synth sequences, resonating out to the stars and beyond with its thunderous cacophony of Industrial audio!

Unpack this 392MB collection of heady, royalty-free loops and samples to discover a rich concoction of deep Downtempo beats and mesmeric Ambient textures, where hard-hitting drums and delicate synth patterns fuse together in an intoxicating alliance of impact and atmosphere.

At the heart of the pack is a choice of 140 music loops, carved from booming kicks and snares, sizzling hi hats and glitched-out SFX, as well as an assortment of melodic riffs and spaced-out textures built from synths and scorched noise layers.

A palette of 80 distinctive drum samples complements the rhythmic loops, taking in thunderous kick drum samples, cracking snares, skittering hi hats and explosive percussion. 62 synth tail samples completes the pack, offering up a smooth, concluding decay to your chosen melodic loop.

Launch your next session on a voyage beyond the stars, where galaxies surge and shudder with universal vibrations - download ‘Cosmology - Downtempo Loops & Samples’ today!