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Dream Days

LoFi Hip Hop Loops


  • • 155 REX Loops
  • • 107 WAV Drum Samples
  • • 85 MIDI Files

Audio examples

‘Dream Days - LoFi Hip Hop Loops’ from ModeAudio carries you aloft into soft, silvery clouds, floating high upon gentle waves of soulful sonics and sweet, chilled-out vibes.

A treasure trove of 459MB of royalty-free synth loops and LoFi beats, the 155 music loops, 107 drum samples and 85 MIDI loops included are ready and waiting to be dropped into your productions and inspire your next session of dreamy creativity.

Dive deep into this mellow palette of hazy bliss and find tranquil piano parts, seductive guitar licks, lush pad chords, delicate synth melodies, groovy basses and deft, laidback drums.

Take your pick from 25 texture loops and SFX samples to add subtle layers of noise and real-world ambience, delivering a delicious, soothing slice and organic warmth to your tracks.

An extensive array of solid drum samples is also included, from weighty drum machine kicks and snares to crisp hi hats and even a unique choice of custom foley sounds, with 85 MIDI loops rounding out the pack.

Feel your feet leave the ground and prepare for a flight of tranquility through serene skies - take off today with ‘Dream Days - LoFi Hip Hop Loops!’