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Electric Boogie

Retro Dance Loops


  • • 159 WAV Loops
  • • 130 Drum Samples
  • • 85 MIDI Files

Audio examples

‘Electric Boogie - Retro Dance Loops’ from ModeAudio blasts you back to the legendary dancefloors of the 80s, so dust off your finest kicks and shoulder pad jacket and prepare to get down with the irrepressible groove tonight!

This achingly vintage 490MB collection of royalty-free loops, samples and MIDI is oozing with the analog synth-laden sounds of classic Disco culture, fusing soulful grooves with beefy, drum machine rhythms to produce hypnotic dance grooves that can slam all night long.

With the pack’s main offering taking the form of 159 music loops, you’ll find all the elements required to cook up that celebrated, hardware-driven sound with ease - from hard-hitting drums and funk-fuelled basslines, to stabbing synth chord progressions, plucky, rhythmic guitar riffs, dazzling synth leads and beyond.

Piece together your own bespoke, electro-tinged drum kits using the included folder of deliciously vintage drum samples, spanning a mammoth choice of 130 punchy sounds sampled from the finest drum machines of the past.

Completing the pack are 85 MIDI files offering up all the musical ideas presented in the loops folder for further modification and expansion, as well as 36 tail samples delivering a smooth decay when paired with the corresponding loop.

Send a shockwave through your sound and bring the past hurtling into the present - download ‘Electric Boogie - Retro Dance Loops’ today!