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Patches for eXpanse

Quixotic Sound Design

Audio examples

Please note that this ReFill requires you to have eXpanse Hyperwave Synthesizer installed on your system.

Blamsoft released the Expanse Hyperwave Synthesizer in 2016. Over the last few years it has received a number of significant updates that have multiplied its sonic capabilities by bolting on (among other things) inter-osc FM and RM capabilities and wavetable loading/importing from sampled sources. The resulting dreadnought is a force to be reckoned with, raining down audio annihilation indiscriminately on its competitors, its more novice users and basically any CPU that was produced before the year 2027. Ok, ok, at Quixotic we are sometimes prone to hyperbole, but still, this vessel of near-infinite potential can be quite daunting to navigate. We at Quixotic however have fearlessly ventured below deck, down into the charcoal hole, deep into the infernal belly of this monochrome leviathan, in search of sonic treasure.