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Zero Point Energy

Patches for Zero

Quixotic Sound Design

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Zero Point Energy

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Please note that this ReFill requires that you have Blamsoft's Zero Rack Extension installed on your system.

Amid the all the expanses, legends and rumoured spires that make up the ever-evolving software synthesizer landscape for Reason, it's perhaps easy to forget about Blamsoft's Zero synthesizer. Released only last year, it's still easily one of the most powerful and versatile synths in the reason arsenal, so one hates to think it's sitting idle in some racks, abandoned in favour of the latest craze.

Product details

If your Zero has been collecting dust instead of love, the Zero Point Energy refill will quickly alleviate that unfortunate circumstance. We at Quixotic Sound Design don't believe in wind energy so forget about blowing off cobwebs , we just douse that baby in kerosine and ethanol, put on some welding goggles, take cover behind the nearest mixing desk and flip the power switch.

  • over 300 patches
  • includes polysynths, monosynths, pads, plucks and sequenced sounds
  • the focus is on polysynths, divided into 4 categories:
  • mellow & atmospheric: tranquil sounds for chilled projects
  • harsh & abrasive: rogue frequencies and heinous noise blasts abound in this directory
  • EDM keys: traditional and contemporary synth key sounds
  • Abstract and Miscellanous: experimental timbres and bizarre modulations
  • special "setups & starters" directory, that features several templates you can use as a starting point for your own sonic explorations
  • special attention has been paid to velocity sensitivity, for expressive and nuanced sounds

Zero Point Energy Assorted Combinator Extras (0-PEACE)

Below you will find the Zero Point Energy Assorted Combinator Extras (Or 0-PEACE for short), which is a small collection of Zero-based combinators which are free for all Zero Owners. The archive also contains 20 demo patches from the Zero Point Energy refill, a text file with some notes on how to get most out of the sounds in the refill, and a manual for the combinators.


Note: to use the combinators in this free demo ReFill, you need to download some free rack extensions, which are noted in the manual.


Released: 2016-12-06
Version: 1.0.0