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FM Algolution

Combinator 2 Patches

SKP Sound Design

  • • Versatile Algoritm Combinator 2 Device
  • • 100 Highly Tweakable Patches
  • • Classic FM Character

SKP Sound Design is back with a brand new expander for Reason Studio’s outstanding Algoritm FM Synthesizer entitled FM Algolution.

FM Algolution presents a collection of lovingly crafted patches wrapped up in an easy-to-use, highly tweakable Combinator 2 device. Under the hood FM Algolution utilizes two instances of the Algoritm Rack Extension with each functioning as individual oscillators. These oscillators along with some additional filtering and character FX form a powerful, subtractive-styled FM experience that streamlines many of the daunting aspects typically associated with FM synthesis.

FM Algolution contains 100 inspiring Combinator 2 patches including nostalgic 80’s keys, heartwarming leads and plucks, twisted soundscapes, emotive pads and deep digital basses. The included patches are ready be dropped into your productions as is, or you can quickly and easily switch things up using the dedicated Combinator 2 device for near infinite patch exploration.

This product requires Reason 12+ & Algoritm Rack Extension or active Reason+ subscription.