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Genetically Modified Grains

Patches for Grain

SKP Sound Design

  • • 180 Grain Patches
  • • 50 Combinator Ensembles
  • • 206 Sampled Waveforms

Following up on 2018’s essential ambient/electronica ReFill Granular Manoeuvres. SKP Sound Design presents a fresh and inspiring new sonic journey entitled Genetically Modified Grains.

Featuring a large selection of SKP’s staple organic analogue timbres, satisfying cinematic soundscapes, emotive analogue pads and nostalgic lofi leads. Genetically Modified Grains is the perfect patch collection for a huge range of genres from 1970’s styled ambient soundtracks through 90’s electronica/IDM, synthwave or even modern trap and hip-hop.

The Genetically Modified Grains ReFill contains a total of 230 patches including 50 Combinator ensembles and 206 sampled waveforms for Reason Studio’s Grain Sample Manipulator.