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Glacius X Giga Kontent 1 Xpansion

Patches for Glacius X

DNA Labs

  • • 1.4 gb of New Sample Based Content
  • • 102 New High Quality Patches
  • • Bells, Choirs, Pianos, Leads, & More

Audio examples

Please note that this ReFill requires the Glacius X Rack Extension

Over 100 all new presets ranging from bells, choirs, gated, glitched, hits, leads, pianos, to strings, poly synths, and plucked sounds! (1.4 gb of new content before lossless refill compression) designed specifically for the Glacius X Hybrid Wave Synthesizer RE! This futuristic Xpansion enhances your sonic arsenal with pure industry quality sounds. This sound bank will dramatically enhance your creativity via unique Glacius X sound design. If you like the Glacius X factory sounds, then you will love the Giga Kontent 1 Xpansion sounds!