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FX Drum Samples


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'Ignition - FX Drum Samples' by ModeAudio is your ticket to a colourful, dynamic world of lush beats and deep rhythms, featuring 320 unique drum samples pulsing with the distinct timbres and tonalities of cutting-edge Downtempo, Ambient and House.

Product details

Fusing classic drum machine tones with quirky percussion samples, resonant synth stabs and sparkling FX, this release packs in a dazzling variety of unusual impacts. From the warm glow of Kick Samples fading into the embers of string sounds and Snares blended with sweet filter bank resonance, to the bristling motion of Shakers shot through with icy FM synthesis, if you like your drums tuned off the beaten track then this is the sample collection for you!

Synthesising a diverse array of sound sources including SFX, found sounds and all manner of electronic bleeps, squeaks and squawks, dropping some of these hits into your rhythms will open up radical new perspectives on your drum sound design. All the essential bases are covered with Kicks, Snares, Hi Hats, Claps, Percussion, Shakers and Crashes just waiting to catapult your next production into the stratosphere.

Accompanying the samples are 12 bespoke Kong kits, allowing you to get working with the sounds the instant after download. These kits alone provide you with all the ammo required to turn a tired old rhythm track into something special but we’ve also crafted 5 Combinator effects patches to blend, bend and warp your drum sound into something truly exceptional.

Break your drum sound free of the same old thump and thud - bring the excitement back to your beasts with 'Ignition - FX Drum Samples' today!

Pack Details:

  • 320 Drum Samples (Kicks, Snares, Hi Hats, Claps, Shakers, Percussion & Crashes)
  • 12 Kong Kits
  • 5 Combinator Effect Presets
  • 100% Royalty-Free


Released: 2016-01-26
Version: 1.0.0