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Impact Factory - Found Percussion Samples

435 industrial samples


Audio examples

‘Impact Factory - Found Percussion Samples’ from ModeAudio comes to you expertly fired, moulded, hammered and cooled into a stunningly versatile selection of 435 industrial percussion samples. From metallic clangs and chilled resonances to cacophonous strikes and beyond, this release bursts with a heavy impact fresh from the factory floor!

Crank open this vast container of percussive delights and you’ll discover a diverse assortment of clunks, clinks and collisions, recorded, edited and processed with care and attention from our collection of old machinery, metal rods, plastic casings and concrete fixtures.

From the thundering clash of sheet-metal, to the delicate jangling of chains and hauntingly hollow decay of cast-iron tanks, this overflowing pallet of royalty-free percussive mayhem will cater to everything from big-room Techno and hearty House, to subtle Electronica and beyond.

The release is separated into 5 distinct folders, spanning the animated aerobics of 110 Kinetic Impacts, 67 sonorously Deep Impacts, 123 ethereal Light Impacts, 90 richly Resonant Impacts and finally, 45 Mixed Impacts fusing the raw found sounds with our favourite drum machine samples.

Alongside the core WAV samples themselves, we’ve also crafted 15 percussion sampler patches and 5 channel strip settings for your favourite DAW. These extras allow you to simply unpack, boot up and get producing in a matter of moments, wasting no time in getting your next floor-filling beat up and off the ground.

Gift your drum sound a new dimension of deeply industrial delight - grab your hard hat and download ‘Impact Factory - Found Percussion Samples’ now!