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Lo Life
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Lo Life

LoFi House Loops


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‘Lo Life - LoFi House Loops’ from ModeAudio takes you on a road trip into the nostalgic heyday of vintage gear and low-slung vibes, transporting you to a place where dreamy rhythms and hazy synths hypnotise and mesmerise!

Comprised of 414MB of royalty-free House synth loops and bumping drum grooves, this vibrant sound palette will drench and infuse your music in the deep, dusty character of classic analog synths and retro drum machines.

Sift through the 150 tempo-synced music loops and you’ll encounter a diverse array of colourful synth melodies, driving rhythms, lush chord progressions and more, all designed with the express purpose of lighting that analog flame within your next production.

From overdriven drum machine patterns, squelching 303 basslines and fuzzy synth chords, to thick, warm pads and funk-fuelled percussion, you’ll find more than enough musical ammunition to fire out your next House classic in this dense loop selection.

Completing the pack are 83 punchy drum samples, spanning thudding kicks, crisp claps, snappy snares and dusty hi hats, as well as 43 synth tail samples designed to bring your chosen loop to a natural finish. The final bonus is 104 key and tempo-labelled MIDI files, perfect for getting those House vibes flowing straight after download.

Unplug your worries and feel those waves of liquid LoFi luxury wash over you and your music - download ‘Lo Life - LoFi House Loops’ to grab your ticket today!