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FX Drum Samples


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‘Motion - FX Drum Samples’ from ModeAudio is an energetic fusion of hard-hitting, live acoustic drums with sonically complex field recordings, bringing you a library of 400 drum and percussion samples of unusual character and depth.

This huge, royalty-free selection of hyper-kinetic drum and percussion elation ranges from bold, punchy impacts through to delightfully intricate thumps, scratches, scrapes and squawks, guaranteed to bring a unique dimension to your drum programming.

We’ve taken the full tone and snappy attack of acoustic drums and blended them with short snippets of deeply ambient field recordings taken from a range of locations, including bustling UK streets and the hushed mountains of Asia.

This gives each sample presented in the release its own distinct flavour and atmosphere that is strong enough to stand on its own, yet subtle enough to be mixed with other drums for enhanced richness and vibe.

Spanning everything from thunderous kicks and crackling snares, to shimmering hi hats and pulsating percussion, this library delivers a multitude of creative, flexible options for your beat design, whether you’re working within Hip Hop, Downtempo, House, Techno or anything in between.

We’ve also crafted 15 sampler patches for your favourite DAW as well as 5 custom channel strips, giving you a set of ready-made percussive tools that you can get producing with and tweaking straight after download.

Introduce a new layer of sonic vitality into your beats and listen to them flourish - download ‘Motion - FX Drum Samples now’!