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Multiverse - Retrowave Loops

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Multiverse - Retrowave Loops

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‘Multiverse - Retrowave Loops’ delivers ModeAudio’s most satisfying, 460MB collection of neon-lit, retro-fitted loops, samples & MIDI yet! Taking you on an electrifying thrill-ride through melting 80s soundscapes both showered in sunburst colour and dark as a midnight highway, this royalty-free library is locked, stocked and loaded to blast your productions back to the future and beyond!

Product details

Carrying 140 music loops under its hyper-modified hood, this high-speed sound collection features wave after wave of pure analog synth nostalgia, in the form of dripping, sawtooth bass loops, towering synth leads, kaleidoscopic arps and oceanic pads, alongside pounding drum machine patterns, punchy percussion, swirling SFX and much more.

We’ve blended the fat, resonant sound of classic ladder filters, the searing, driven tones of analog synth waveforms with modern processing power and even some sprinklings of gritty, vintage synth noise for good measure - the result is a vibrant variety of timbres, soaring melodic lines and rock-steady grooves that will burst from your speakers with character and vibe.

Accompanying the loops are 69 gigantic drum samples, pushing the output of classic drum synths to produce unprecedented levels of punch. Completing the set are 70 synth and bass tail samples for bringing your selected loop to a natural decay and, finally, 106 key and tempo-labelled MIDI files for experimentation with your own synths.

Leave the grid far behind you, sail beyond the stars and conquer all sonic universes at once - download ‘Multiverse - Retrowave Loops’ now!

Pack Details:

  • 140 WAV Loops (Drums, Basses, Synth Leads, Chords, Pads, Arps & Percussion)
  • 70 WAV Synth Tail Samples
  • 140 REX2 Loops
  • 70 REX2 Tail Samples
  • 69 Drum Samples (Kicks, Snares, Hi Hats, Claps & Percussion)
  • 20 Dr. Octo REX Patches
  • 106 MIDI Files (Key & Tempo-Labelled)
  • 100% Royalty-Free


Released: 2017-02-23
Version: 1.0.0