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RX950 ReFill

Patches for RX950


  • • 40 effect Combinators
  • • 40 instrument Combinators
  • • Free!
RX950 ReFill

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The RX950 ReFill is a free soundbank for Reason starring the RX950 Classic AD/DA Converter Rack Extension and its unique 12-bit grit capabilities. With a bunch of handy effect presets, this ReFill is a quick and easy way for applying warmth and thickness to a large array of sounds.

All effect patches are made with Combinators with extensive predefined controls, that means you can use them in many possible ways, such as track, insert or master bus.

Modeled after the legenday Akai S950 that helped new music genres to emerge in the early 90's, the RX950 takes a central part in this ReFill with fun recreations of the most famous sounds from this golden era. The instrument patches rely on Reason's modules, Factory Sound Bank and Orkester samples, and on the Akai S950's Test Tone sample we've extracted from the hardware's ROM.

Product details

The RX950 ReFill contains a total of 80 Combinator patches including:
- 20 effect patches with the RX950 alone
- 20 effect patches with the RX950 combined with other effects (reverb, delay, rhythm, shaping)
- 40 iconic instrument patches with the RX950 as an effect (categorized as bass, drums, keys, lead, orchestra, synth)

The RX950 ReFill requires the RX950 Classic AD/DA Converter Rack Extension and Reason version 10 or above.


Released: 2018-09-18
Version: 1.0.0