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RYM2612 ReFill

Patches for RYM2612


  • • 154 instrument Combinators
  • • 7 demo songs
  • • Free!

The RYM2612 ReFill is a free soundbank for Reason starring the RYM2612 Iconic FM Synthesizer Rack Extension and co-developed with featured artist God of Rainbows. His divine skills made him a winner of the ReasonTalk’s RYM2612 Song Challenge.

As a cycle-accurate emulation of the Sega Genesis’ sound chip, the RYM2612 shines when it comes to retro games music. Still, we wanted to expose the full capabilities of this FM powerhouse! As a result, the ReFill showcases a tremendous amount of sound-design craftmanship made possible by Reason’s well-known audio & CV routing flexibility. Packed with a generous array of instruments, this soundbank is a direct portal to the mysterious temple of God of Rainbows. It takes you to a library of mystic sounds, realistic acoustic recreations, abstract synthetic spaces, sequenced loops, crazy effects, and more!

This ReFill demonstrates the insane potential of the original hardware’s FM engine, proven to have given birth to some of the best video game music soundtracks, and the RYM2612 Rack Extension’s ability to reproduce its full spectrum.

It also packs a collection of 654 drums and percussion samples, provided by the MixerProduction’s MEGA Sega Genesis Drum Sample Pack, with their authors’ permission. The ReFill’s Kong kits are, of course, taking advantage of these massive 8-bit samples.