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Scatter - Ambient Glitch Loops

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Scatter - Ambient Glitch Loops

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‘Scatter - Ambient Glitch Loops’ from ModeAudio launches into the glistening night sky, fizzing and popping amidst a celestial fireworks display of glitchy sonic treats, before raining down 590MB of kaleidoscopic music loops, samples and MIDI straight into your DAW!

Product details

At the centre of this music production feast lies 150 audio loops, ranging from mesmerising pads, shimmering synth chords and twinkling arps through to bottom-heavy basslines, skittering beats and percussion that crack and sparkle like frayed wires on the rain.

We’ve carefully chiselled away at every single sound in this royalty-free library, splicing together a colourful palette of audio sources to deliver a satisfying well-rounded collection.

Peer inside and you’ll discover atmospheric soundscapes sitting alongside shuffling Downtempo rhythms, which will themselves slot nicely into all manner of genres whether it’s floor-shaking Techno, House or subtler projects for film, TV and adverts.

Alongside the loops we’ve provided 127 key and tempo-labelled MIDI files, giving you direct access to the raw rhythms, melodies and harmonies that the loops themselves are built from.

As a final bonus, we’ve also included 64 drum samples crafted by blending and layering drum machine hits with synth textures - in other words, everything you need to get started on your next production, straight after download.

Turn your DAW into a glasshouse replete with glittering sonic grain, complex pattern and soaring harmony - download ‘Scatter - Ambient Glitch Loops’ and lay the foundations now!

Pack Details:

  • 150 WAV Loops (Drums, Percussion, Basses, Arps, Synth Chords, Pads, Noise)
  • 150 REX2 Loops
  • 64 WAV Drum Samples
  • 139 WAV Synth Tail Samples
  • 139 REX2 Synth Tail Samples
  • 19 Dr. Octo REX Patches
  • 127 MIDI Loops (Key & Tempo-labelled)
  • 100% Royalty-Free


Released: 2017-09-04
Version: 1.0.0