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Slipstream - Ambient Instruments & Loops

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Slipstream - Ambient Instruments & Loops

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‘Slipstream - Ambient Instruments & Loops' by ModeAudio makes 30 glowing, sensitively crafted sampler instruments available within your productions. Shimmering with rays of purest tone, texture and harmony, these fully-playable instruments have all the spectral nuance, delicate colour and smooth motion required to lift your Ambient, Downtempo and Soundtrack sessions up into the swirling air!

Product details

These instruments have been built from 360 carefully performed and produced samples, blending warm analog and digital synth notes with delicate field recordings, subtle synthetic textures, quietly rasping washes of noise, stretched-out drones and beyond.

Open up the Combinator patches folder and you’ll discover subterranean Basses, rich Ambiances, floating Pads, soaring Leads, classic Synths and glimmering Arps, all playable over 3 octaves of your MIDI keyboard and piano roll. Each instrument is also accompanied by a MIDI loop containing editable melodic and harmonic patterns, showing the sounds off at their very best.

Alongside the instruments themselves, we’ve also included 30 potent Music Loops covering sumptuously sculpted rhythmic and textured elements. Tasteful Drum patterns, flickering Hi Hats and twitching Percussion make up the rhythmic side, while atmospheric SFX and Noise loops add granular texture and complexity between the beats.

On top of everything above, all the instruments, loops and MIDI parts come pre-arranged and mixed in 6 template projects for your copy of Reason, ready and waiting to kindle your next sound design experiment the instant after download. As a final bonus, we've also included 5 Combinator Insert FX patches that you can use to add extra layers of punch and sparkle to the instruments and samples.

Take control of the texture, tone and atmosphere in your music and journey through rolling, cinematic soundscapes - download ‘Slipstream - Ambient Instruments & Loops' to transport you there!

Pack Details:
  • 30 Combinator Instruments (Basses, Leads, Pads, Arps, Subs & Ambiences)
  • 30 Music Loops (Drums, Percussion, Noise & SFX)
  • 30 MIDI Loops
  • 6 Reason Projects
  • 5 Combinator Insert FX Patches
  • 6 Dr. Octo Rex Patches
  • Instruments Built From 360 Samples
  • 100% Royalty-Free


Released: 2016-09-27
Version: 1.0.0