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Soft Focus - Future R&B Loops

R&B Loops


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Soft Focus - Future R&B Loops

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‘Soft Focus - Future R&B Loops’ from ModeAudio surges through the neon-lit mist to bring you a huge 600MB collection of contemporary bass weight, skittering vintage drums and sleek forward-thinking synth leads! From thundering 808-style basslines and yearning, submerged pad chords to lilting electric guitar leads and beyond, this sound collection will deliver all the gentle chill and magnetic drama of the finest Future R&B around.

Product details

Containing a kaleidoscopic, royalty-free library of 419 R&B loops, drum samples, tail samples and MIDI loops, the sheer variety of audio material will have you cooking up everything from relaxing slow jams through to soulful chart-stormers in a heartbeat.

The 155 featured loops range from 70 to 92BPM and include pulsating drum machine grooves and fills, organic shaker and tambourine patterns, sub-aquatic basslines, sultry electric guitar riffs, sweet synths leads, moonlit keys, shimmering pads, flowing arps and beyond.

Alongside the loops, we’ve packed in 67 tightly edited and subtly saturated drum samples spanning deep kicks, crisp snares, claps, hi hats and percussion, 70 tail samples to bring your chosen loops to a natural decay and, finally, 127 MIDI loops so you can expand on and modify the featured rhythmic and melodic content as you see fit.

Sink your slow jams into a deeper lullaby and lift your R&B beats above the clouds - download ’Soft Focus - Future R&B Loops’ to take your music there!

Pack Details:
  • 155 WAV Loops (Drums & Fills, Basslines, Synth Leads, Pads, Electric Guitars, Keys, Percussion & more)
  • 155 REX2 Loops
  • 67 Drum & SFX Samples (Kicks, Snares, Hi Hats, Claps & Percussion)
  • 70 WAV Synth & Guitar Tail Samples
  • 70 REX2 Synth & Guitar Tail Samples
  • 6 ReDrum Kits
  • 22 Dr. Octo REX Patches
  • 100% Royalty-Free


Released: 2016-04-05
Version: 1.0.0