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The Tape808

Vintage drum samples


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The Tape808

Question: What happens when you get two TR-808 drum machine run them through vintage analog gear, including the Ampex valve 1/2 inch two track tape machine? Answer: Probably some of the best 808 samples you will ever hear! This Refill will definitely satisfy your 808 needs... and some!

Product details

Not another 808 sample! Well actually it isn't... this is 407 samples taken from two 808's recorded into an Ampex 351 1/2" valve 2 track tape machine! That's not all. We also put the 808's through other vintage gear. Plus we recorded the 808's naked into a Metric Halo ULN-2 firewire audio card. Then we chose the best samples. All 24 bit, and all phat analog goodness!

If you can't get a hold of a real 808 then this is as close as you can get in samples. Maybe even better than having the real thing!

The Refill contains: 10 Combinator patches, 10 Redrum patches and 407 x 24 bit samples.

File size: 45 Mb

Please note that this ReFill is only available as a downloadable ReFill and only works with Reason 3.0 and later.


Released: 2008-10-06
Version: 1.0.0