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Tribute Neurotone Pack

patches for Tribute

Loop Depot

  • • 250 Combinator 2 patches
  • • 150 Tribute Tribute Wavetable Synthesizer patches
  • • 400 patches

Audio examples

- Requirement: Reason+ /or Reason 12 (includes Combinator 2 patches)
- Requirement: Speo Music Tribute Wavetable Synthesizer RE

It’s time to pay Tribute!

The Tribute Neurotone Pack is a collection of patches unleashing the power of the Tribute Wavetable Synthesizer. Nasty and dirty sounds will blow the dust out of your speakers.

We created a unique Combinator 2 device patch, supporting you with an effective workflow. Focusing on quick and advanced modulation of the wavetable parameters provided by Tribute, this device takes it to the next level. We called this beast “Neurotone” and this pack includes 250 patches of it.

Still that’s not enough. We also bundled 150 patches for the legendary Tribute Rack Extension itself into the pack.

So get the Tribute Neurotone Pack today and start creating the music of tomorrow!