V-Tune X
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V-Tune X

Patches for Neptune

DNA Labs

Audio examples

V-Tune X ReFill has 30 Combinator patches (6 FX Patches also) with various industry inspired vocal effects chains from leading artists. This is a high quality effects suite that allows you to obtain mastered quality with no professional equipment (an inexpensive digital preamp on any audio interface will suffice) and easily allow you to add expensive 3rd & 4th order analog tube emulated harmonics as well as lush reverb, stereo tempo synced ping pong delay, and the coveted industry standard in rap… with the classic sound of pitch correction! (via Neptune inside a complex Combinator chain).

These FX chains have added effects such as flanger, chorus, unsion, equalization, compression, limiting, and filtering for mastered effects instantly!

Simply create an audio track, drag the effect on that audio track, go to the Neptune (inside the Combinator) and enter the key of your beat!