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VHS Beats

Drum Machine Samples


  • • 490 WAV Samples
  • • 10 Kong Kit Presets
  • • 4 Combinator FX Patches

Audio examples

‘VHS Beats - Drum Machine Samples’ from ModeAudio hits the rewind button and propels your sound back in time to the era of analog, where the delicious crackle and hiss of vintage gear is ready to coat your beats and caress your ears!

Immerse yourself in the beautifully nostalgic sound of this massive collection of 490 royalty-free drum samples, sourced from an enviable selection of retro drum machines and beefed up through our favourite transient-shaping and saturation tools.

Take your pick from the extensive ‘raw’ drums folder, featuring crackling kicks, searing snares, fizzing hi-hats, snappy claps and punchy percussion all bursting with classic character and vintage vibe.

Go a step further and dive into the ‘VHS’ folder to discover 100 sounds delicately processed through a VHS deck from yesteryear, instantly dialling in the distinctive crunch and warmth of real-world circuity.

Alongside the drum samples, we’ve also included 10 VHS hiss and vinyl crackle loops that can be layered into your beats to complete the analog feel. 13 drum kit sampler patches and 4 channel strip presets complete the set - just plug in your MIDI device or pattern for immediate beat-making magic.

From Retro Pop to Synthwave, LoFi House, LA Beats, soulful R&B and beyond, this pack will service your rhythm with instant vintage character and bite - download ‘VHS Beats - Drum Machine Samples’ and get grooving today!