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Sampled synth sounds

PinkNoise Studio

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Virology is a sound library based on the sounds of the famous Access Indigo2 (Virus C) synthesizer. Taking advantage of Reason's NNXT sampler and Combinator, this ReFill not only gives you the powerful original Virus sounds, but is also able to create entirely new electronic sounds!.

Product details

Combinator patches: over 100 wisely programmed Combinator patches. Yes, every rotary knob and and button are working.

NNXT patches: 226 Simple patches (original Virus sounds), 180 Complex Patches (combined & tweaked).

NN-19 patches: 217 patches. Many people still love this simple sampler, because it has a more detailed midi implementation than NN-XT has.

Dr.Rex loops: 80 stereo sequenced loops: bass lines, leads, arpeggios and special effects.

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Released: 2013-08-14
Version: 1.0.0


PinkNoise Studio