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Evolver synth

PinkNoise Studio

  • • Based on the sounds of DSI Evolver synth

Audio examples

REVOLVER ReFill is a sound library based on the sounds of DSI Evolver synthesizer.

the source

DSI Evolver is an incredible synthesizer that incorporates many of Dave Smith and Sequential’s old secrets, circuits and technologies. It uses a monstrous four oscillator voice architecture - two analogue and two digital - with two independent Curtis analog low-pass filters.

The analogue oscillators feature multiple classic waveforms plus pulse-width modulation and hard sync, and they sound really nice and big. The digital oscillators feature FM synthesis, Ring Modulation and 96 wavetables. Modulation capabilities are handled by four LFOs and three ADSR envelope generators.

the analogue hack

Evolver is a digital/analogue hybrid synth. It means the oscillators and filters are analogue, but the on-board effects are all digital. This concept is a very serviceable feature for performers, but a bit annoying for us – we don’t need the digital effects, we want to use the original analogue sounds!

The “analogue hack” is a way to achieve this: it taps the analogue signals before the onboard effects’ AD converters and leads it out as two separated dual mono channels.

The results are true analogue sounds, without the unnecessary extra AD/DA conversions. Thanks to the Combinators, we can use Reason’s own effect arsenal in a much more flexible and complex way.

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