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Ammo 100LA Modulation Oscillator

Synth/CV Artillery

Jiggery-Pokery Sound

  • • Ultra Compact LFO and Audio Oscillator
  • • Advanced, Yet Easy To Use
  • • Over 100 Waveform Shapes

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Arm your rack with the Ammo 100 "Light Artillery" and take Reason modular synthesis and LFO production to the next level with 128 basic and complex waveforms, in a handy, ultra-compact half-U rack size.

With a massive frequency range, Ammo 100LA features an all-audio rate internal oscillator path suitable for both audio and CV output, and the essential controls are available in folded view, saving you valuable screen real estate in your Rack.

Whether standalone or in a Combinator, Ammo 100LA is the fastest, smallest and simplest way to get the modulation shape you need.

Also available is the 400R with four syncable oscillators plus internal mixer and routing bus, and the 1200BR which also adds the Battery modulation processing unit.

Product details

User Guide Download Ammo User Guide

Designed and built by Reason users with over ten years experience in the software, Ammo 100LA is lightweight, ultra-compact oscillator designed for quick LFO production or as the centre of a modular synthesizer. With 128 Ammo waveforms, and dual lag controls to independently smooth abrupt voltage changes of the up and down waveform slopes.

Ammo 100LA features

  • One modular audio oscillator
  • Free-running or key synced
  • 128 preset waveforms provide easy-to-use, predictable but complex modulation curves, and a random/noise wave
  • LFO range from 0.001 Hz to 30 Hz
  • Audio range from 30 Hz to 8,372 Hz with semitone and cents adjust
  • 31 tempo sync speeds from 32/1 to 1/128T
  • Invertible waveform depth control
  • One-shot mode plays a selected waveform once per gate and holds the final value
  • Pulse Width adjustment (currently LFO range only)
  • Lag controls: only Ammo uses separate lag controls (slew limit) for the up and the down slopes of the waveform for fine control of waveform smoothing
  • Lag controls can be used as low-pass filters
  • Fine-tune the output level with a master channel output adjustment
  • Positive and negative waveform value indicators for each output
  • Four bipolar CV rate outputs, including one invertible output
  • Four unipolar CV rate outputs, including one invertible output
  • Four audio outputs
  • Audio rate FM and AM inputs
  • Adjust the sensitivity of Re-ARM sources to rate modulation - a 7th, one or two octaves, or full range (26 octaves)!
  • Set portamento time with legato - play Ammo like a Theremin!
  • Select "always on" oscillator output, with or without keyboard pitch controlled, or add pitch and gate control with a Charlotte Envelope Generator
  • 360° phase adjustment

Designed by Jiggery-Pokery Sound, Coded by Pitchblende Ltd

Updates 2.0.1

  • Fixed a decal ordering issue that could render the front folded waveselector incorrectly


  • Codebase updated to SDK2.2 (Reason 7+)
  • Fixed Sequencer CV input "drone" behaviour: the Note CV In connection (e.g. from Matrix Pattern Sequencer's Note CV Out or another LFO signal) no longer also requires a Gate CV connection in order to change pitch. A "CV Note only" connection can only be applied when both "Free" (Oscillator Free Run) is "On", and "Kbd/Porta" is not "off".
  • Fixed issue with one-shot outputting incorrect value at slow rates
  • Amended several waveform graphics to better reflect final value for one-shot hold (at 0° Phase)


  • Oscillator can now operate free running or key event waveform reset when not using either an external envelope or one-shot mode via the new "Free" button. Note that this control is ignored if One-Shot is enabled


  • One-shot mode now retriggers correctly


  • Added logarithmic lag mode
  • Improved startup performance



Released: 2018-03-06
Version: 2.0.1