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Audio to CV

CV Envelope Generator

Uberwave, LLC

  • • 2-in-1 utility for creativity and mixing

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Simple but functional. Audio to CV is the easiest way to convert Audio signal to Control Voltage (CV).

Product details

There are two devices in one box that operate completely independently: Follower and Generator. You can use only one of them or both on a completely different audio sources.

All CV outputs can be inverted using buttons on the back panel. Incoming audio can be passed through to simplify communication. Input filters can be previewed either via passthru outputs or via a separate preview output.


CV output of this part follows the volume of the incoming audio. Working volume range is set by Min Lvl and Max Lvl. Smooth controls the speed of CV change. Input Filter allows to react only to a required frequency range.


This part outputs CV envelope of Attack-Hold-Decay shape whenever there is a sharp volume change in incoming audio (attack transient). Sensitivity controls how strong this change in volume should be to activate it. Shape of the envelope can be controlled in detail. Input Filter allows to react only to a required frequency range.


  • Filter preview to "Pass thru" output
  • 4 invertible CV outputs for Follower and Generator
  • Other small fixes and optimization



Released: 2016-11-24
Version: 1.1.1