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Delay Line 16

Retro Style Delay

Ekssperimental Sounds

  • • Pitch Shifter & LoFi FX
  • • Time & Filter Modulation
  • • CV inputs & Breakout Jacks

Audio examples

Delay Line 16 is an incredibly flexible vintage sounding delay unit. It comes with a built pitch shifter and LoFi bit reduction effect and has an onboard LFO for modulation of time or for animating the echoes by sweeping the high- and lowpass filters.
The analog style delay circuit has a time range from 10 to 1000 milliseconds and up to two bars in synced time mode. Since the filters are placed within the feedback loop it’s possible to filter each repetition easily making a warm organic echo, or a light and brittle sizzle.
Feedback can be routed to the input of the pre-fx or the delay and can be pushed into screaming noisy mayhem. Do be aware of the feedback amount, it will self resonate and the sound can get loud very quickly - hit the delay bypass button to instantly kill the signal!
While the delay is bypassed the pre-fx and filters are still available for sculpting your sound.

Delay Line 16 is part of the Retro FX Bundle including Reverb AK11 and Vocoder 64: Get a great deal on the bundle here!

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible